Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Our experience at the Imfdf

The Imfdf was one of the most talk about event for the summer and finally it was here.We were so thrill to see and meet all the bloggers and also enjoy the fun activities of the show and ofcourse shop the amazing collection of the vendors.We were all dolled up to have a fun filled day which we did have as sisters.We had the opportunity to meet Saman Makeup and Hijabs and some amazing sisters with small business.We got to see Fareena the amazing fashionista/blogger part take in a hijab styling competition which we saw the bloggers came on stage to judge.I would have love to see them walk around and engage in the crowd as the tickets were very expensive I heard on Sunday they did walk around and engage but we attended Saturday and I was truly disappointed that we couldn't atleast meet them in person for a small talk or picture.Never the less we had fun with the vendors as we met them over our fb page from advertising their businesses and some in person from the SIS show and Kaamilah boutique.The food was very good after a fun day of shopping having a delicious bite was great way to end the day.

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